Thursday, October 28, 2010

Belt it!

As many of you know I have a black belt in fashion...or is it a fashionable black belt?

...All kidding aside, I have been searching for a high quality fashion belt for Fresh Ayer since we first opened and finally I have found one! This wrap belt is made of the finest quality Argentinean leather and can be tied in three different ways.

Check out the video that walks you through all of this belts different looks.

This wrap belt from ADA fashions can be found in missey sizes at Kat Bradley and exclusively at Fresh Ayer in plus sizes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eco Chic

We all know that organic and environmentally friendly products abound these days, here are a few brands that make our style cut.

Sand Shack: Sand Shack is a Philadelphia based ocean-friendly brand of accessories founded on the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Their jewelry is a reasonably priced eclectic mix of natural stones, pearls and Tibetan inspired metalwork details. From a young age, the owner and founder Brain Linton has been passionately committed to cleaning up the ocean environment. As a result Brian and all of the companies' employees and supporters have adopted a hands on approach to achieving their goals. Not only does Sand Shack donate 5% of all proceeds to ocean conservation but the company also regularly organizes and hosts beach and river cleanups. Want to volunteer? Check out this link to Sand Shack's affiliate United by Blue,

Diane Kennedy: Diane Kennedy is a talented designer who chose from the inception of her company to work in renewable fibers. Her line of luxurious knits is made entirely of viscose from certified organic bamboo. Why is bamboo such a wonderful choice for the environment? Bamboo is 100% naturally grown, without assistance from man. A highly sustainable crop, bamboo does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides for crop production. As a result, plantations can easily be kept organic. Additionally, as the plant is flood and drought resistant, water irrigation is not necessary for production. …. Oh and did I mention that it is soft, breathable and feels wonderful to wear!

Jillery: Jillery designs began on a whim in a loft in Greenwich Village. Jill's jewelry line was advertised in the simplest of ways – her friends all wore it. Her designs quickly caught on and Jill began selling to stores and fashionable galleries in the New York area. What began as a hobby soon became a sensation. The thread that connects all of Jill's designs is the use of recycled aluminum throughout every piece. You don’t often think of aluminum as a component of sophisticated designer jewelry and it's hard to believe that your hand crafted beautiful new earrings, bracelet and necklace may once have been your diet coke can.

All of these companies prove that giving back and making money can go hand in hand!

*All jewelry styles seen here can be found at Kat Bradley Accessories, and now you can shop for Diane Kennedy at Fresh Ayer online,

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Walk Through Eagle Village Shops

Well obviously my two favorite stores in Eagle Village Shops are Fresh Ayer and Kat Bradley Accessories but there are definitely some close runners up. Check out this list of my favorites!

Vivi G Shoes: Vivi G shoes is directly across the street and we are excited! The Guggenheim ladies can certainly spot those must have luxuries in life. Vivi G features designer shoes by Tory Burch, Badgley Mischka, Botkier, Ellie Tahari Shoes, and Kate Spade just to name a few of my favorites. Check out their very stylish blog,

"A fashion and style blog from a very chic chien"

A Taste of Briain:

White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea! This cute corner stop not only serves lunch and dinner but it’s also known for their full English Tea, including scones with clotted cream and jam, cucumber sandwiches and pettifores.

Elle: Elle is another award winning boutique found in our little village and like Vivi G, Elle features the finer things in life. Browse through a selection of designers including, Marc Jacobs, Trina Turk and Nanette Lapore. Just like Fresh Ayer, Elle carries a wide variety of designer denim. You will see True Religion, Citizens of Humanity and other cleverly named trend setting labels.

Silverspoon Cafe: Another cute and comfortable spot to eat after you shop. Dining at the Silverspoon Cafe is like taking a very short vacation to New England. Fresh and light cuisine and maybe some desert?

The Little House Shop: The little house shop has been open since 1931. It is full of fantastic housewares, scented products, stationary and many other fabulous gifts for you and others.

Gramercy Boutique: Tucked in next to Skirtin Around and a Taste of Britain you will find a small boutique full of relaxed and classic styles. Want to know more...check out their blog,

Brian M. Smaul Jewelers: "Big gift Smaul box" is right! We love easy elegance and following a trend but sometimes you want a piece that will last forever. This jeweler has styles that will make you sparkle on the inside and outside for the rest of your life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relaxed Style

Can you be relaxed, comfortable and stylish?
The answer is yes!
Here are a few ways to pull off that, “my style just happens on it’s own” look.

Slouchy vs. Baggy: You want your look to be relaxed not misshapen. This means picking pieces that have relaxed details that drape like the cowl neck and pockets on our tunic but still have shape. The faux wrap in crinkle hides your tummy but it emphasizes your waist and the flowey silk shirt has pin tucks that control the volume.

Don’t do loose fit everywhere: One way to keep a slouchy look flattering is to make sure that it’s not loose on top and bottom. Pair flowey tops with fitted bottoms like these straight leg ponte pants available at Fresh Ayer.

Long accessories: Pair the look with long accessories like our gold and black crystal layerable chain. A long necklace keeps you looking tall because it is a great vertical line that draws the eye straight up and down.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Free your digits!

In honor of our new accessories store, Kat Bradley, I am dedicating my first fall fashion post to one of my favorite cold weather accessories, fingerless gloves!

This fun item was has been around for a year or two and it was all over the Fall 2010 runway shows. This is a fabulous fashion invention for all of you texters, because fingerless gloves are great for keeping you warm while you use your favorite touch screen phone.

Here are a couple of ways to wear this fabulous look,

1. Keep it warm with layeres and a chunky coordinating scarf. (Rag & Bone)

2. For a more tailored look go for a thin knit, pair the look with fitted pieces and wear jewelry like your wrist watch on top . (Tory Burch)

3. Dress the look up with lace. This touch of Victorian era style is sexy and feminine. (Ralf Lauren)

The great thing about accessories is that curvy or slender any girl can wear this look. Where can you buy this fashion forward look? Check out Fresh Ayer and our sister store Kat Bradley Accessories!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get this Fresh Ayer Look! Earth mother meets city chic

Earth Mother Meets City Chic:

Want a look that is both organic and edgy?... Well we have the answer.

Brooke is wearing our retro wide leg trouser denim by Not Your Daughter's Jeans with a flowing vest by Comfy layered over a lace trim tank. We finished off the look with leaf impression earrings.

What makes this look great? It works for many ages and combines a few neutral pieces into one cohesive style. If you don't want to show off your arms, layer a short or long sleeve shirt underneath or choose a swing cardigan rather then a vest.

One designer who really understands this look is Eileen Fisher. Keep an eye out this fall on Fresh Ayer for key pieces from this company.

Need some ideas for shoes? Check out these wilderness inspired city style...

Untrodden Trails Booties @ $168.00

Bismuth (Rachel Zoe's Pick) @ $120.00

On a budget? Zigi Soho Flapper Bootie @ DSW $49.95

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Scarves? 3 easy ways to wear your favorite scarves!

Love summer scarves but don’t know how to work them into your hot weather look… Well here are a couple of ways to wear summer scarves and stay cool.

1. Necklace Scarf: All you need to achieve this look is a lightweight scarf and a long necklace. Put on the necklace, then take the scarf in both hands to twist it. Once you have twisted the scarf into a neat rope wrap it around the necklace. Repeat the wrapping process until you have the entire thing intertwined and finish with a knot or bow.

2. Purse Scarf: Is your bag a little boring? We all want a purse that goes with everything but sometimes that gets dull. Tying a scarf to the back of your bag is an easy and modern way to spice up not only your purse but also your entire look.

3. Head Scarf: I don’t know about you but my hair is always in my face. Using your favorite scarf as a headband serves two purposes keeping your hair back as well as keeping your look hip. Simply flip your hair over put the middle and widest part on your forehead tie at the nape of your neck and flip back up. Adjust for comfort. If you want tog get more creative you can work the scarf into a braid or wrap a ponytail.
* Helpful hint for fine hair – bobby pins!

All the scarves in this bin just $15.00
Coming soon to

Monday, June 21, 2010

The State of the Curvy Community

Last week I attended a panel discussion on “the state of the curvy community”, at Full Figured Fashion Week in New York. The panel discussion, which involved a lot of audience participation, raised many interesting questions for me. Having worked in the “plus size” industry now for several years, I found the fledgling event (only in it’s second year) promising. The panelists ranged from plus size designers to comedians and bloggers/ performance artists and even a fabulously eloquent curvy life coach.

To give you a little background information, I recently picked up on this event through plus size model Emme. I was lucky enough to get in touch with this plus fashion icon through a mutual acquaintance in order to discuss this very topic, body Image and the curvy community. We chatted for a bit when she mentioned the event, I knew instantly I had to make time to attend.

The overreaching topic that came up again and again throughout the night was the war raging between self-acceptance and the diet culture that we live in today. On one side is women who feel they have worked hard to gain confidence and self-awareness; on the other is a movement against the trend towards obesity in our country.

Blogger after blogger stood up and recounted the negative feedback they have had from either side, a nasty battle of wills pushing from both perspectives. Some angry readers feel that promoting curvy fashion, praising plus models, and celebrating self-acceptance at any size, condones and even promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. In stark contrast are women in the curvy community who see betrayal in plus role models who choose to work with trainers and promote healthy eating.

My opinion and I think the ultimate consensus of the panel is this. Weight is not the issue. The issue instead is a balance of mental and physical health; this may lie in different places for different people. After all we only have one life to live and it is ours to do with as we please. Punishing women by not supplying fashionable and flattering clothing will not lead to a healthier lifestyle. Conversely seeing the pursuit of health as betrayal is no better.

In short, here are my key takeaways from this thought-provoking and empowering event:

- Live in the now.

- Always try to accept yourself for who you are today.

- A diet will not fix your life.

- Health is not about a size it is about choices.

- What you see is not always what is there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sneak a Peek

Our new website is set to launch in the next two weeks!! I am so excited I thought I would put together a little sneak preview. Here are a few screen shots of the new site and some of it's best features.

We used an amateur model for the site, but I think the images came out really well. Brooke was a great sport when we tucked pulled and brushed everything into place. We used a local house for the setting. My favorite shots are outside in the park that borders the property.

The site will have some great features including a share button where you can link to your favorite items, give customer reviews or even tweet them. You will also be able to shop by designer, inseam (petite & tall) and Fresh Ayer looks.

Did you miss our last event? Local customers will benefit from event listings and updates along with more thorough directions, links to google maps and much, much more!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pamper Your Way Into A Better Body Image

I don’t know about you but I love a good massage. Like many curvy women because of my chest and all the time spent on my feet, I carry a lot of tension in my back. In an effort to handle my stress, I have recently taken up Yoga and asked everyone in my family for spa gift cards. One of the best things about massage is that it makes you aware of your body: you begin to understand why things hurt and where. All of these Zen efforts seem to be paying off. I am less stressed and feeling good!

At first I was not "at home" in a spa -- I didn’t know where I was going or what to do. Disrobing in a locker room and sitting in the supposedly relaxing group waiting room did not make me feel all that relaxed. "Are you supposed bring an extra towel in the sauna room? Should I wear my underwear? Is the masseuse secretly judging my body?" These were very scary questions. After my first massage, I felt vaguely uncomfortable and anxious.

Thank god I am stubborn and my back really hurt or I may never have given it a second try. These days I find myself looking forward to all of the great shower products in the locker room, the relaxing steam, and even closing my eyes and drinking citrus water in the waiting area. The truth is that feeling comfortable around a masseuse can do wonders for your self-esteem. What I have started to see is that every woman has flaws. Every woman feels uncomfortable being pretty naked around a stranger, and I don’t look that much worse laying on that table than any other client. I think that if you give it a try you might just feel the same way -- and you may get to know your body just a little bit better in the process!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I’m Hungry for everything Crystal Renn

I have been a big fan of Crystal Renn from the moment I saw her and for those of you who haven’t already read Hungry I highly recommend it. The book, written last year, is one of the best behind the scenes accounts of the modeling industry that I have come across. She starts off chronicling her journey from childhood including the moment she was spotted by a traveling model scout, who declare that in order to be the next big thing she had to loose 10 inches from her waist. This is the moment in the book when you can see how her desire to be beautiful, successful and to get out of her home town lead her into a crippling eating disorder.

Throughout the rest of the book Crystal and Marjorie Ingall (the writer), recount her struggles in New York. The constant feedback to be thinner, the grueling demands of her agency and the general unhappiness that followed. Ironically it was only when Crystal’s body started to reject the severe eating disorder, she began to gain weight and her struggling career began to end that she was able to gain success. Finally embracing her true body she was able to become the most highly regarded plus model in the industry.

Not only is this book interesting for all things fashion, but it is also a touching account of one woman’s struggle to accept herself. Think the Devil Wears Prada meets In Her Shoes, read it!

For more from crystal check out the links below

Crystal's YouTube Book Video
Crystal Renn on Hungry
Crystal's Facebook Page
Crystal on this months cover of Glamour Magazine

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jeggings: Are skinny jeans only for skinny girls?

“ Are skinny jeans only for skinny girls?”

I say no! Like any trend (with maybe the exception of the tube top), jeggings can be interpreted for the curvy girl figure.

What is a jegging you may ask? A jegging is basically a knit denim legging. A nice jegging should button in the front with a true five-pocket design. I recommend a dark wash.

Denim leggings and slim fit jeans are great when worn with oversized tunics and flats. It is key to balance out the figure-hugging bottom with an oversized top. Another great way to style this look is to pair it with boots. Tuck the bottom of the jegging into the boot. The clunky shoe will also help to balance you out.

As a rule jeggings are better on women with apple shaped, straight or hourglass figures. They tend to emphasize thighs and hips, so women with more pear shaped bodies may want to give the look some extra thought. Pear shaped women should look for longer a-line tunics or skip the look altogether. If you have an apple shape or straight body take more risk and show off the booty hugging aspect of this style with a shorter top!

Need wide calf boots? Check out these Liz recommended links
Denim Leggings by Svoboda Jeans - now available at Fresh Ayer coming soon to!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plus Sized vs. Generously Sized

Many women wonder how I came up with the tag line “generously sized apparel” and why?

I knew from the moment Fresh Ayer was just a twinkle in my eye that there was nothing useful, fashionable or flattering about the term “plus size” and I knew that I had to find a better way to let women know the sizes that Fresh Ayer carried.

Plus size is a term that generally refers to sizes 16 and above (14 if you are lucky). The most common sizes in the U.S. are 10, 12, 14 & 16, so right off the bat I knew that starting our sizing at a 14/16 made no business sense at all. I also knew that first and foremost I wanted Fresh Ayer to be about style, service and fit rather than about the sizes we carried. Why do so many people do things just because that is the way they have always been done? I was not about to exclude women, who often struggle to find their size in boutiques, just because they were a bit smaller.

I have found that there is a big gap in sizing between conventional sized stores’ L/XL and the 1X, often available only in department stores and the Lane Bryant’s of the world. Many women are more slender on top then on bottom or vice versa and find themselves running between the “plus size” department and the missy size department only to leave with nothing. I wanted to bring their worlds together in one fun, woman friendly shopping environment.

The term “generously sized” was actually my mother’s idea. While shopping at the beach one summer she came across one rack in a boutique with a sign above it that said, “generously sized”. It always stuck with her. “What a pleasant way to point out the sizing”, she said. Why are we “generously sized”? Now you know!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Fashion 1

These three styles by Margarita are fun and lightweight for spring.

Some women size 12 and above are tentative about adding bold prints to their wardrobe but a nice print can brighten up your look and help you hide unwanted figure flaws at the same time. These three pieces are great examples (excuse the slender models…it can’t be helped)!

It is always a good idea to look for a print that can be worn with lots of colors. The “paradise” print skirt combines a neutral (white), with turquoise and orange both popular colors this season. This way you can mix and match it with many pieces in your wardrobe. Prints can distract the eye from figure flaws concealing with pattern changes and color contrasts. The blue tank dress is great for women with a slender upper body because it showcases your neckline and flows over you hips and thighs while the purple cap sleeve dress is good for “apple” shaped women because it hides your tummy, highlighting slender legs and arms.

Our First Post!

Welcome to Fresh Ayer's blog. This blog will be about me (Liz Ayerle) , fashion and my experience helping women feel great about who they are and what they wear. Check out our web site Coming soon online shopping!!!