Friday, September 30, 2011

The Triangle Scarf

Do you ever look at your outfit in the mirror and feel like there's something missing? Are you looking for an extra pop of color, or just a little more texture to take your look over the edge? Consider a triangle scarf. They're one of the hottest trends for the season, and they bring a wonder of shape, texture, and color to any top. They're an amazing accessory for stylizing a solid tee or sweater, and there's so many ways to wear them!

This is how you can wear it:

Step One: Lay the scarf across your chest, with the thickest part of the scarf pointing down in the center. Let the two ends drape across your shoulders and down your back.

Step Two: Reach back and grab each end of the scarf in your alternate hand. Pull both ends so they cross over the back of your neck.

Step Three: Drape both ends over the front of your shoulders and let them hang down on either sides of the scarf's center.

VoilĂ ! You now have a chic, textured look!

Don't think this is the only option for your triangle scarf! One of the best parts about this piece is that you can have fun and experiment with different options. Try wearing it to the side, or tying the ends instead of wrapping them. It's a flexible piece, and how you want to wear it is completely up to you