Friday, May 14, 2010

I’m Hungry for everything Crystal Renn

I have been a big fan of Crystal Renn from the moment I saw her and for those of you who haven’t already read Hungry I highly recommend it. The book, written last year, is one of the best behind the scenes accounts of the modeling industry that I have come across. She starts off chronicling her journey from childhood including the moment she was spotted by a traveling model scout, who declare that in order to be the next big thing she had to loose 10 inches from her waist. This is the moment in the book when you can see how her desire to be beautiful, successful and to get out of her home town lead her into a crippling eating disorder.

Throughout the rest of the book Crystal and Marjorie Ingall (the writer), recount her struggles in New York. The constant feedback to be thinner, the grueling demands of her agency and the general unhappiness that followed. Ironically it was only when Crystal’s body started to reject the severe eating disorder, she began to gain weight and her struggling career began to end that she was able to gain success. Finally embracing her true body she was able to become the most highly regarded plus model in the industry.

Not only is this book interesting for all things fashion, but it is also a touching account of one woman’s struggle to accept herself. Think the Devil Wears Prada meets In Her Shoes, read it!

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  1. Great post, Liz! Crystal Renn is gorgeous but she would be more gorgeous in Fresh Ayer clothing.

  2. I started looking at this book when I stopped into the store after the meeting...I need to pick it up! By the way Love my new yummy tummy wore it today!