Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jeggings: Are skinny jeans only for skinny girls?

“ Are skinny jeans only for skinny girls?”

I say no! Like any trend (with maybe the exception of the tube top), jeggings can be interpreted for the curvy girl figure.

What is a jegging you may ask? A jegging is basically a knit denim legging. A nice jegging should button in the front with a true five-pocket design. I recommend a dark wash.

Denim leggings and slim fit jeans are great when worn with oversized tunics and flats. It is key to balance out the figure-hugging bottom with an oversized top. Another great way to style this look is to pair it with boots. Tuck the bottom of the jegging into the boot. The clunky shoe will also help to balance you out.

As a rule jeggings are better on women with apple shaped, straight or hourglass figures. They tend to emphasize thighs and hips, so women with more pear shaped bodies may want to give the look some extra thought. Pear shaped women should look for longer a-line tunics or skip the look altogether. If you have an apple shape or straight body take more risk and show off the booty hugging aspect of this style with a shorter top!

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  1. As long as the boots aren't "Uggs". *winks*

  2. So excited for that boot site! I cant wait to order a pair from them.

  3. i love these jeans! i wear mine all the time-great recommendation liz!