Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Scarves? 3 easy ways to wear your favorite scarves!

Love summer scarves but don’t know how to work them into your hot weather look… Well here are a couple of ways to wear summer scarves and stay cool.

1. Necklace Scarf: All you need to achieve this look is a lightweight scarf and a long necklace. Put on the necklace, then take the scarf in both hands to twist it. Once you have twisted the scarf into a neat rope wrap it around the necklace. Repeat the wrapping process until you have the entire thing intertwined and finish with a knot or bow.

2. Purse Scarf: Is your bag a little boring? We all want a purse that goes with everything but sometimes that gets dull. Tying a scarf to the back of your bag is an easy and modern way to spice up not only your purse but also your entire look.

3. Head Scarf: I don’t know about you but my hair is always in my face. Using your favorite scarf as a headband serves two purposes keeping your hair back as well as keeping your look hip. Simply flip your hair over put the middle and widest part on your forehead tie at the nape of your neck and flip back up. Adjust for comfort. If you want tog get more creative you can work the scarf into a braid or wrap a ponytail.
* Helpful hint for fine hair – bobby pins!

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